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How to Start Ancillary Orthopaedic Physical Therapy-Speaker: Cary Edgar, JD

-Thank you, Mr. Edgar. I very much enjoyed the webinar and found it very informative. Melissa Pereda, Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists, Burbank, CA

Keys to Effective Documentation for Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapists-Speaker: Kay Hashagen, PT, MBA, RAC-CT

-I very much enjoyed the presentation and would be interested in additional trainings for the future. Brian DesPres, OTR\L, Director of Ancillary Services, The Cedars Nursing Care Center, Portland, ME

-Truly enjoyed this webinar. Speaker was very clear and provided great examples. Terri Gonzalez, PT

-Very informational and helpful. The information will help me better write goals and be more thorough. Great course! Jennifer Hargiss, PT, Children’s Intensive Therapy NW, Portland, OR

-Speaker was very clear and concise. Great webinar! will be discussing with my colleagues at our next meeting as we are getting frequent Medicare PPRs. Lindsey Kantura, PT

-Great overview of improving documentation and Medicare compliance. Liked the bulleted format for key points to include in documentation. Rich Shegogue, PT

-The webinar provided copious amounts of information in a concise manner. Laura Terheggen, PT, Moody Clinic


-I attended the webinar IMPACT OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM ON ORTHOPAEDIC REHABILITATION on 2/22/17. I enjoyed the content. Instructor presented a good review of neuro, especially the role of receptors in the mms and joint tissues. He presented interesting review of recent research on brain responses to pain and incorporated well established knowledge from our past (Janda). The review of ways in which PT treatment can effect/modulate neural input was informative and a good reminder that some of the “simplest” things we do have a lasting effect. Phyllis Schulte, PT,
OCS, Physical Therapist, Outpatient Physical Therapy Center, The Christ Hospital Health Network, Mason, OH

-This was excellent! Thank you. Mary Anne Dutton, PT

Falls Prevention-Speaker: Ben Kivlan, PhD, PT, SCS, OCS, CSCS

-I’m an OT in private practice but the content of this webinar was valuable as I hope to increase my referrals for in-home outpatient OT. I believe seeing my clients in the context of their homes/community will be an added benefit and enable me to see folks who otherwise might not make it in to a clinic. Karen Craven, OT

-Thanks! Lots of good information to place in the pts. chart to show the pt. and doctor the progress made with a fall prevention program, and to document the need for physical therapy. Also, good info to show to the doctors when having a luncheon. Sometimes physical therapy gets forgotten about when it comes to falls due to Neurological issues. Meds are adjusted and the pt gets sent back home. Tisha Giompalo, PT

-It is always an exceptional learning process to participate in Ben’s lectures! He is gifted in his ability to convey facts and expansive literature/research reviews in practical ways. Cary elevates our compliance and business model with his legal expertise. Thank you, Cary and Ben, for your teamwork! It is a true pleasure to work with you both! Debbie Hanselman, PT, Tri-State Orthopaedics, Pittsburgh, PA.

-Very professionally done! Thanks for your efforts. Joe Hughes, PT

-Great information. My plan is to share the webinar with therapists in our rehab dept. looking at ways we can implement this with our patients on a more formalized basis and also sharing the webinar to our Falls Committee who currently are working on strategies to reduce patient falls in our health center. Cynthia Kratina, PT, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System
Love the topic, looking forward for more Webinars like that. Iwona Matthews, PT

-I am the therapy director of a home care agency, and I have been working on a fall reduction program this year. I have been overwhelmed with literature/standardized tests, including what tests to choose and why. This presentation is a big help to me, makes good clinical sense, and gives a great process for assessing risk and integrating therapy techniques. The flowcharts and videos were great. Thank you so much! Lisa Shoap, PT, Arizona Home Care, Tempe AZ

Fostering a Culture of Professionalism-Giving and Receiving Feedback on PT/OT Professionalism-Speaker: Emily Becker, PT

-Hi Cary – myself and two of my lead therapists tuned in to watch the webinar today and really got a lot out of the material to use even today!! Kara Sansonetti, PT, Manager Inpatient Therapy Services, St Thomas Hospital

-This was very practical for my new position as rehab director. I feel that I now at least have a direction on feedback in sticky situations. Thank you!!!! Candace Kunz, PT

-Excellent overview, good examples, clear approach suggested. Thank you. Sheree York, PT, Children’s Hospital of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Nutrition Fundamentals for Physical and Occupational Therapists-Speaker: Barbara Hoogenboom, EdD, PT, SCS, ATC

-I found this topic interesting and very helpful. Having been a PT 45 years, nothing is very new, but this really is helpful with the goal of helping folks get healthier by losings weight and not spending a lot of money on a new diet or pill. Thank you, Tom Herman, LPT

The Physical Therapist’s Role in Youth Sports, Wellness and Long-Term Development-Speaker: Bob Helfst, PT, ATC, LAT, CSCS

-Informative seminar. Great use of time and listed resources to make me(PT/professional) want more…Good follow-up ideas would be to present ways and means to help coaches at the various adolescent stages. Thanks! Megan Dittmar, PT

-Excellent speaker and topic. Please let us know about more Lunch time webinar live CEU CME opportunities. THANK YOU. Nicola Parimucha, PT

-Great overview of complex topic. Good use of resources and material to support information. Enjoyable speaker. Robert Carl, PT, Concentra


-Thank you SO much for your time and the information. It was very informative and I have already had discussions with the owners regarding the information learned. Sheri Raupp, Office Manager, Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy


-The webinar was fantastic. Betsy Donovan, PT, Mountain Center Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, Maine and New Hampshire

-I participated in the above webinar today and found it helpful, particularly the information and examples demonstrating how to document with respect to the four aspects of the complexity levels. Jennifer Allen, PT.

-Thank you! Class was great! Nicole Matoushek MPH, PT

Answers to the Top 10 Questions Regarding the Business of Hand Therapy-Speaker: Cary Edgar, JD

-Great webinar. Very applicable and easy to follow. Kelly Cook, OT, CHT, Erie Hand Center

-Directing an OT program is challenging (especially given I have been limited to PT for so long). Really appreciated all the info-understood all of it really well and how it correlates with PT, but individualized to the CHT/hand realm. Absolutely needed those benchmarks for a board meeting tonight! I will definitely stayed tuned in! Debra Nadel, OT, CHT, Ventura Orthopedics.

-5 = excellent. Kathy Hata, OT, CHT, Therapy Connections, Yakima, WA

-Valuable information. Thank you. Brenda Beckman, OT, CHT, Sisters of Charity of Leavenwoth Health System.

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