Physical Therapy Benchmarks in Orthopaedic Practices: Helpful Hints

physical therapy benchmarks
July 27, 2015
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PHOENIX, Ariz. –-PT Management Support Systems, a leader in physical and occupational practice management and consulting services for orthopaedic surgery groups, offers its physical therapy benchmarks findings in the July issue of TOA eConnect, the monthly publication of the Texas Orthopaedic Association.

“(Physical Therapy) Benchmarks allow orthopaedic surgery group managers to objectively evaluate whether their physical therapy department is operating at an optimal level, what functions need improvement, and how to make those improvements,’’ says Cary B. Edgar, PTM President.

PTM analyzed data from more about 800,000 visits to PT clinics owned and operated by orthopaedic groups from January 2014 through June 2015. This data included procedures per work hour; visits per day; payments per visit; costs per visit; and other PT-specific metrics.

The data point the way to better practices by highlighting various clinical and administrative inefficiencies. Among other findings, the data show that therapists often under code; scheduling practices do not accommodate as many patients as possible; therapists may be spending too much time on non-billable activities; patients often self-discharge because they do not see the value of therapy; and authorization, billing, and claims denial follow-up procedures are lax.

“Orthopaedic practices can strengthen their ancillary PT practices by applying the findings of these data,” Edgar says. “Inefficiencies can typically be easily addressed with clinical and administrative changes that often improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.”

Cary B. Edgar is the President of PT Management Support Systems LLC, a company that helps orthopaedic groups and other healthcare organizations develop and manage their physical, occupational, and hand therapy programs. He can be reached at

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