Webinar on Outpatient Physical and Hand Therapy Productivity/Financial Benchmarking

Physical Therapy Continuing Education Live Seminars
January 16, 2017
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PT Management Support Systems is sponsoring a webinar on productivity and financial benchmarking for outpatient physical and hand therapy practices on Thursday February 2 from noon-1 pm EST. To register, go to PTM Webinars.

This webinar is intended to allow attendees to compare how their physical and hand therapy practices compare to better performing outpatient orthopaedic therapy practices.
Therapy-specific benchmarks for key provider productivity and financial measures will be shared, including the following:

  • Procedures and wRVUs per provider work hour
  • Procedures and wRVUs per visit
  • Visits per hour and day per provider
  • Visits per patient
  • Initial evaluation cancellation rate
  • Follow-up visit cancellation rate
  • Payments per procedure/wRVU
  • Payments per visit
  • Payments per provider work hour
  • Gross compensation/wRVU and visit
  • Profit margin

This webinar will also address the following questions:

  • Which therapy specific metrics are the most relevant indicators of productivity and profitability?
  • How can these benchmarks be used to help gauge quality of care and patient satisfaction?
  • How can these benchmarks help make staffing decisions?
  • How do these benchmarks compare to Medicare statistics?
  • How can these benchmarks be used to improve physical and hand therapy practices?
  • What are the comparable benchmarks for hand therapy and why do they differ from physical therapy?

The speaker will be Cary B. Edgar, BGS, JD, who is the president of PT Management Support Systems LLC. Cary is a recognized expert on both the financial and regulatory aspects of therapy practices. He is a frequent speaker and has published numerous articles on PT/OT strategic planning, benchmarking and financial analysis, incentive compensation plans and utilization trends. Cary obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and JD from Northwestern University. He is a member of the Medical Group Management Association and American Health Lawyers Association.

About PT Management Support Systems

PTM is a nationwide leader in helping physician groups develop and optimize the performance of physical and hand therapy programs. In addition to providing practical and tested financial, operational and compliance solutions, PTM offers real-time physical and hand therapy benchmarking, productivity tracking and reporting through its web-based TherapyWorkx solution. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, PTM currently works with healthcare organizations throughout the U.S.