PT Management Support Promotes Physical Therapy to Prevent Falls

July 17, 2017
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PT Management Support Systems, which helps physician groups and hospitals manage outpatient therapy services, is helping physical therapy practices successfully start falls screening and prevention programs that will benefit virtually all patients over 70 years old. “Occupational Therapy Continuing Education”

To help physical therapists successfully start falls prevention programs, PT Management will be conducting a webinar titled “Starting (and Getting Paid For) a Falls Prevention Program.”
Ben Kivlan, one of the most dynamic therapy instructors in the country, will be conducting this live webinar on Wednesday, August 16 from 12:00-1:00 pm EST. (A recording will also be available.) Anyone is welcome to join this webinar by going to
Ben will explain how PT providers can develop an effective and invaluable falls prevention program and Cary Edgar will address Medicare’s payment rules for falls prevention. Among other topics, this webinar will address the medical consequences and cost of falls, internal and external fall risk factors, the role of physical therapy in reducing fall risk, implementing a comprehensive fall prevention screen, identifying patients in need of a comprehensive screen, personal risk factors, key tests for muscle strength, balance and gait, and specific exercises to improve muscle strength, balance, and gait to reduce fall risk. PT Management will also address when Medicare will pay for fall prevention treatment.

“Everybody knows how devastating falls can be. Virtually every patient over 70 will benefit from a falls prevention treatment protocol-substantially decreasing chances of a fall and its devastating effects.”

Cary Edgar, President of PT Management Support

Occupational Therapy Continuing Education